Spring 2020 Webinar Series

Dr. Hagar Goldberg
It (Still) Takes a Village – The Educator-Student Relationship in Times of Social-Distancing
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COVID-19 raised the levels of stress and uncertainty in our society. Our students may be immune to the Coronavirus, but they are extremely vulnerable to the stress the pandemic generates. In this webinar, Dr. Goldberg talks about the effects of stress on the developing brain, why some students are more vulnerable than others, and the impact of an educator's presence in fighting the toxic stress. 

Dr. Goldberg is a Neuroscientist at the department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education at UBC. Hagar is passionate about leveraging brain-science in educational settings to support students’ learning, development and well being. Hagar’s main focus is social-emotional development. In her research, she has studied the behavioural and neuronal mechanisms of empathy, creativity, and human perception of social-emotions. She believes that social and emotional education is key for children’s healthy development and thrive. This belief drives both her academic studies and her practical work with educators, students, and as a parent. She established SEEN to transform education by integrating neuroscience-based social-emotional learning in schools.

Peter DeWitt
Using a Program Logic Model Approach During COVID-19
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Now more than ever, school leaders and teachers need to take a moment to reflect on the virtual learning being provided to students this year. We have all gone through the 5 stages of grief when providing online learning opportunities, and it’s time to begin to finding ways to deepen the learning opportunities being provided. In this one hour webinar, Peter DeWitt, Ed.D. will take participants through a program logic model approach, and help participants find their present most needed area of improvement. 

Learning Intention – Participants will learn about Program logic models, which are research-based methods of guiding leadership teams through any improvement process. 

Success Criteria – Participants will be able to take the program logic model approach and use it to help deepen the impact of the virtual learning taking place in their schools.

Dr. Mark Greenberg
Nurturing School-Wide SEL: Principals Are the Key
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Mark Greenberg, Ph.D. is the Emeritus Bennett Chair of Prevention Science in Penn State's College of Health and Human Development and he is the Founding Director of the Prevention Research Center for the Promotion of Human Development. He is the author of over 350 journal articles and book chapters on the development of well-being, learning and the effects of prevention efforts on children and families. He is a Founding Board Member of the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).    

Shane Safir 
Listening for Equity: Reaching Students & Families at the Margins
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In this interactive webinar, we learned how we can listen and lead for equity during the pandemic. We explored a powerful metaphor from Chapter 3 of The Listening Leader and explored a framework for rethinking data through the lens of equity and reaching students at the margins. Shane offered concrete ideas for gathering equity data right now that informs planning for the fall. 

For more than 20 years, Shane Safir has worked at every level of the school system, from the classroom to the boardroom. In 2003 she became the founding principal of June Jordan School for Equity (JJSE) in San Francisco, an innovative national model identified by scholar Linda Darling-Hammond as having beaten the odds in supporting the success of low-income students of color. Shane has provided coaching and professional development for schools, districts, and organizations across the country and in Canada. She facilitates workshops on equity leadership development, culturally responsive education, instructional leadership, coaching, and facilitating adult learning. A change agent at heart, with a passion for cultivating student voice and agency, Shane is the author of The Listening Leader: Creating the Conditions for Equitable School Transformation (Wiley 2017) and is currently hard at work on her next book, Street Data: How the Information We Need Will Lead Us to Equity (Corwin Press 2021). To learn more, visit Shane at www.shanesafir.com.   

Dr. Fei Wang
BC Principals’ Work and Well-being: What They Say and Why it Matters
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What do BC Principals say about their work and well-being? Why does it matter? This webinar highlights some of the key findings from the BC Principals’ Work and Well-being survey that was completed on November 12, 2019. The webinar presents Principals’ perceptions of their own work and well-being and how various types of well-being (including physical, emotional, cognitive, social, psychological, and spiritual) are affected by draining situations encountered at work. This webinar also delves into some coping strategies that could be used to alleviate the unsustainable challenges that Principals face on a daily basis. 

Dr. Fei Wang is an associate professor at the Faculty of Education, the University of British Columbia (UBC). He earned his PhD in educational leadership and administration at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, the University of Toronto (OISE/UT). His research interests include educational leadership and administration, social justice and diversity, educational organization and policy studies, and international and comparative education. His recent research involves four major areas: a) Principals’ strategic leadership and The Art of War (funded by SSHRC IDG); b) Principals’ subversive leadership (funded by UBC Hampton Award); c) school Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ work and well-being in British Columbia and Ontario (funded by SSHRC Insight); and d) leadership challenges in cross-cultural contexts, such as offshore schools (funded by UBC HSS Seed Grant). He teaches graduate courses on educational leadership, organizational studies, aims of education, educational policy studies, and the role of the school Principal.

Dr. Simon Breakspear 
Building Back Better: How School Leaders Can Harness New Ways of Working to Redesign a ‘New’ Normal for Learning
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Dr. Simon Breakspear has been partnering with schools and systems globally to help them navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and come out stronger on the other side. In this dynamic 45-minute webinar, Simon provides practical guidance on how to lead your team and school through a simple 3-step process of organizational learning and renewal. Together we explore how to: 

  • Avoid a snap-back to old habits and patterns of practice Identify how the pressure of COVID-19 may have helped your staff to rethink old assumptions about learning, teaching and collaboration 
  • Lead a clearer process of learning from the new innovations that have emerged in your context and beyond 
  • Find ways of sustaining new ways of working into a new and better normal
  • Develop organizational agility to thrive in response to uncertain future challenges 

Dr. Simon Breakspear is a researcher, advisor and speaker on educational leadership, policy and change. He is a Research Fellow at the Gonski Institute at UNSW. Over the last decade, his speaking and leadership development work have given him the opportunity to work with more than 100,000 educators across 10 countries. Simon develops frameworks and tools that make evidence-based ideas actionable and easy to understand. His AGILE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP program enables school leadership teams across Australia to effectively implement for impact within their unique educational context. Simon’s innovative approach to teacher professional learning, Teaching Sprints, is used by thousands of educators across the planet to enhance their expertise and engage with relevant research evidence. Simon is a trusted strategic advisor to educational system leaders in the areas of policy implementation, school leadership development and evidence-informed practice. He serves as an advisor to the NSW Department of Education School Leadership Institute, the Australia Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) and the Ontario Principals’ Council international school leadership program.   


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