Everyday Courage for School Leaders

Image of Cathy Lassiter
Image of Cathy Lassiter

Cathy Lassiter

Have you ever wondered how or where you can find the inner strength and determination to lead fellow administrators, teachers, and students, and to meet ever-changing expectations? Develop and enhance your Leadership Courage to lead every day with equity and excellence!

Courage is a ‘must have’ for effective leadership. During this Keynote, Cathy will guide participants to explore Leadership Courage from within to become exceptional and resilient leaders. Cathy will share on: 

  • How to Take Action: making specific plans to activate moral courage, intellectual courage, empathetic courage, and disciplined courage 
  • Daily Practices: exercising accountability, trust and risk-taking, and maintaining courageous leadership for equity, excellence, and inclusion 
  • Courage Quotient: assessing and considering your areas of strength and opportunities for growth through deliberate practice   

Cathy Lassiter is an international consultant with over 35 years of combined experience as a public school teacher, Principal, central office administrator, and consultant. Her areas of expertise are in Visible Learning+, Deep Equity, and Teacher Clarity, as well as instructional leadership, school culture, and change management. As an author/consultant for Corwin, Cathy has worked in schools across the U.S. and Canada and has traveled to Australia to work with teachers on Visible Learning+. Cathy is the author of Everyday Courage for School Leaders, published by Corwin. 

The Joy in Education

Dr. Danny Brassell
March 8, 2021

Vice-Principals, Principals, teachers, and all staff enter education because they care about children and their learning and development. It’s a daunting task at any time, but especially this year, with the pandemic taxing everyone’s energy to the max. Come join Danny as he reminds you of your importance as an educator in the everyday development of children. He’ll remind you how to laugh, sing, dance and play in order to sustain the joy in education.         

A highly sought-after speaker, trainer and coach known as “Jim Carrey with a Ph.D.,” Dr. Danny Brassell has spoken to over 3,000 audiences worldwide and authored 16 books, including his latest, Leadership Begins with Motivation. He is the co-founder of www.theREADINGhabit.com, the world’s top reading engagement program.

A Candid Conversation About Race: Centering Anti-Racism Work in Cultural Humility

Beth Applewhite, Kenneth Headley and James Morton
Thursday, February 11, 2021

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