Guiding Aims of the BCPVPA Mentorship Program

Build Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ confidence and self-efficacy by: 

  • supporting understanding and appropriate responsiveness relating to administrative responsibilities associated with Board policy, the School Act and administrative responsibilities   
  • developing capacity with the knowledge, skills and attitudes outlined in the BCPVPA Leadership Standards 
  • strengthening reflection on practice developing and articulating a framework for judgment and decision-making 
  • refining artistry in implementation of Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ work 

Maintain and enhance Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ sense of well-being by: 
  • considering personal health and care and creating work/life balance 
  • expanding perspectives  on tensions and struggles
  • developing supportive networks for Principals & Vice-Principals

Foster and value continuous learning for mentors and mentees by:  
  • respecting existing strengths and skills and identifying areas for continuous growth  
  • articulating professional vision and purpose seeking and receiving feedback  

Guiding Principles of the BCPVPA Mentorship Program 
  • Open: accessible  to Principals and Vice-Principals new to role and changing a role 
  • Voluntary: participation is encouraged, not mandated or required 
  • Non-judgmental: the focus is on learning and growth and mentors act as agents of development 
  • Relational: respects the importance of  a trust-based relationship, recognizing the place for vulnerability and the need for confidentiality 
  • Individualized:  needs and interests of mentees are a priority when matching with a mentor and establishing goals 
  • Learner-focused: develops opportunities for growth for both mentors and mentees, recognizing learning is reciprocal and mutually beneficial to all participants 
  • Flexible:  offers diverse means  for participants to meet and interact/communicate (adaptive to place and technology use)   

Implementation Framework of BCPVPA Mentorship Program 
  • mentor and mentee applications to be sent to Kevin Reimer by the end of September 
  • an introductory webinar will be held for all participants in early October
  • mentor training is scheduled at the Vancouver BCPVPA office in October, dependent upon health and safety protocols
  • invitational webinars to support mentorship conversations will be held for both mentors and mentees throughout the year 
  • formative feedback will be solicited through an online survey in April 
  • a summative program review will take place in June to support future planning


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