The Principl(ed) Podcast with host Chris Horton is a made-in-Canada monthly series that connects with BC school Principals who are working everywhere in the province, from the smallest rural schools to the bustling urban centres.  Some guests are in the early years of their leadership journey, and others can share a wealth of professional experience to help school leaders everywhere enhance their own learning and leadership skills. It's like networking and Pro-D, all wrapped up in a podcast!

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On episode 13 of the Principl(ed) Podcast, host Chris Horton welcomes us Back to school and shares his live conversation with BC Vice-Principals Katie Marren and Holly Zurak, recorded at BCPVPA’s 2021 Essentials for Aspiring School Leaders. As a Principal or VicePrincipal, how do you represent your core values in your school leadership? What is the culture you want to create alongside your staff, what are your values, and how do you model them? Find out how Katie and Holly approach service leadership, create a collaborative environment, and ‘show’ up for their teams every day. 


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