BCPVPA's Member Support Services team is committed to ensuring that our members are informed as to their employment rights and their responsibilities in their roles.

BCPVPA's Principl(ed) and Leading: Back to School magazines feature in-depth articles that help our members to make informed choices.

Supporting Your Leadership

The Role of A ‘Witness’ in a Workplace Investigation (Principl(ed) May 2024)

Recruitment: Where Talent Meets Opportunity (Principl(ed) November 2023)

Tips for Early Career Vice-Principals (Principl(ed) November 2023) 

Building your Admin Team (Principl(ed) June 2023)

Building Your School Start (LBTS 2021)

Conversations That Build Relationships (Principl(ed) June 2022)

Harassment (Principl(ed) - Fall 2019)

Long Term Disability 101 (Principl(ed) - Fall 2019)

Recording Conversations: Is It Legal? (LBTS - September 2020)

Conducting Fair Reviews (Principl(ed) - November 2020)

Transitions (Principl(ed) - November 2020)

Knowing Your Legal Team (Principl(ed) - March 2021)

Representation: What to Expect as a BCPVPA Member (Principl(ed) - June 2021)

School District Governance (Principl(ed) - March 2023)

What to Expect When You Reach Out (LBTS 2023)

Lessons Learned: Preparing for an Investigation (Principl(ed) - November 2021)

Testing Your Knowledge

Harassment Quiz (Principl(ed) - June 2021)

Pension Quiz (Principl(ed) - November 2020)

Understanding Your Contract

Split the Pie: A Radical New Way to Negotiate (Principl(ed) November 2023)

Demystifying Compensation (Principl(ed) November 2023)

Contracts: By the Numbers (Principl(ed) June 2022)

Personal Services Vs. Collective Agreements (LBTS 2022)

Language Matters (Adminfo Spring 2019)

BCPVPA Contract Advisory Committee (Principl(ed) - Spring 2019)

Learning About the Sector

Who’s Who in BC’s Education Sector? (LBTS 2023)

What Guides and Directs our Practice? (LBTS 2023) 

Violence in the Workplace: What BC School Leaders Need to Know (Principl(ed) November 2022)

A Lens on the TRB Standard (LBTS 2022)

Navigating the Teacher Regulation Branch (Principl(ed) March 2022)

BC Commission for Teacher Regulation (Principl(ed) - Spring 2019)

BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Principl(ed) - June 2020)

A Brief (Legal) History of the BC Principals' & Vice-Principals' Association (Principl(ed) - June 2021)


The BC Principals' & Vice-Principals' Association is a voluntary professional association representing school leaders employed as Principals and Vice-Principals in BC's public education system. We provide our members with the professional services and supports they need to provide exemplary leadership in public education.

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