The BCPVPA is honoured to share the thoughts, ideas, initiatives, and perspectives of our members and friends through their authorship of articles in our publications Principl(ed) and Leading: Back to School.

Supporting Your Leadership

Intentionally Growing Leaders: Two Perspectives (Principl(ed) November 2022) by Leanne Kemp & Craig Mah, SD43

Foundations Reflections (Principl(ed) March 2023) 

The Important Role of Administrators in Practicum Placements (Principl(ed) March 2023) by Cynthia Clerc, UBC

Caring Committees (Principl(ed) November 2022) by Kevin Reimer, BCPVPA

BCPSEA’s New Strategic Direction (Principl(ed) March 2023) by Deneka Michaud, BCPSEA

We Really Must Look at Email  (Principl(ed) March 2023) by Read Jorgensen, BCPVPA

Reimagining the three Rs of Education (Principl(ed) November 2021) by Jane Arbuckle, SD82

Developing a Staff Vision (LBTS 2021) by Kevin Reimer, BCPVPA

The Principal’s Office – Gasp! (LBTS 2019) by Tara Zielinski, SD45

Go Be the Principal, Please (LBTS 2020) by Jim Allison, SD38

Redefining Challenging Behaviour (LBTS 2020) by Michael Carlyle, SD35 

SET BC Inclusive Schools Initiative (LBTS 2020) by Darren Mitzel, SET BC

Play: A Way to Prepare for Learning and for Life (LBTS 2020) by Leroy Slanzi, SD58

Leading a Culture of Learning at Barriere Secondary (LBTS 2021) by Angela Stott with Kristy Dolha and Thomas Lowe, SD73 

Le Décloisonnement: School-wide Differentiated Instruction (LBTS 2022) by Sarith Zabawny and Vincent Tourvieille, SD93

Vanguard Secondary: Turning SKIDS into KIDS (Principl(ed), November 2019) by Patrick Thomas, SD35

Roots: the Sm’algya̱x Program (Principl(ed) March 2020) by Tina Demings & Roberta Edzerza, Ts’msyen Sm’algyax Language Authority (TSLA) Aboriginal Education SD52

Presidents’ Panel: Advice from Five Chapter Presidents (Principl(ed) March 2020)

The Gift of Teaching and Learning from the Land (Principl(ed) June 2020) by Katie Marren, SD57

Strong Leadership Builds Libraries (Principl(ed) June 2020) by David Mark and Darcy McNee, SD62

What’s in Your Toolbox? (Principl(ed) November 2022) by Read Jorgensen, SD61

The Power of Place (Principl(ed) November 2020) by Conor McMullan, SD44

Indigenous Graduation Coach (Principl(ed) March 2021) by Lauren Stelmaschuk & Katie Marren, SD57

Carihi Secondary Tyee Program (Principl(ed) March 2021) by Louise Panziera and Fred Schaub Ed D., SD72 

Are You an Educational Leader or an Institution Manager? (Principl(ed) March 2021) by Peter Scott, SD51 

Indigenous Education Allies and Leads (IEAL) (Principl(ed) June 2021) by Chas Desjarlais, SD39

Learning Study Tour Guide (Principl(ed) June 2021) by Catherine Ludwig, SD38

Guiding Growth and Change (Principl(ed) June 2021) by Brooke Douglas, SD38 and Brooke Moore, SD37

Building Inclusive School Communities (Principl(ed) June 2021) by Gillian Judson, SFU

Working with your PAC (Principl(ed) November 2021) by Frances Krusekopf, SD62

Stepping out of the Bullet Point Agenda (Principl(ed) March 2022) by Vincent Tourvieille, SD93

Providing Perspective

Talking with Numbers (Principl(ed) June 2023) by Read Jorgensen

Meet Christina Zacharuk (Principl(ed) March 2023) 

Diverse Women in Leadership (Principl(ed) November 2022) by Ranjit Bains, SD39; Wendy Yu, SD43; Iram Khan, SD36; Ji-Ai Cho, SD48; Navshina Savory, SD38

Indigenous-Created Cultural Resources for the Classroom (Principl(ed) November 2022) by Kevin Milne, 4Canoes

Performance of Pink (Principl(ed) June 2022) by Bryan Gidinski, SD41

Stepping into Discomfort (Principl(ed) June 2022) by Angela Bragg, SD51

Stop Doing the Work – Start Being the Work (Principl(ed) June 2022)  by Beth Applewhite, SD41

Anti-Racism Reminders for New Administrators (LBTS 2022) by Wayne Chow, SD 42; Grant Frend, SD 42; Kenneth Headley, SD 40; Karl Lindgren-Streicher, SD 42

Heart Work (LBTS 2022) by Elizabeth Taylor, SD38

Choosing to Lead (LBTS 2022) by Dana Miller, SD36

Being Humble, Yet Remaining Confident (LBTS 2022) by Marc Daneault, SD68

Creating Connection Through Exploring our Sense of Place (Principl(ed) June 2020) by Sarah Elford, SD61

Lessons About Racism (Principl(ed) November 2020) by Kelda Logan, SD64

Balancing the Odds of Life (Principl(ed), March 2021) by Anthoney Rempel, SD73

A Professional Dream Deferred (Principl(ed) March 2021) by Beth Applewhite, SD41

Summer ‘Re-Creation’ (Principl(ed) June 2021) by Dan Kenkel, SD57

Weaving Together: Leadership in the Community (Principl(ed) March 2022) by Christina Chase, SD61 

Providing Inspiration

PADS: Dogs in Schools (Principl(ed) June 2023) by Anthony Ciolfitto

Giving Back: A Legacy of Teaching and Learning in Hartley Bay (Principl(ed) March 2023) 

The Heart of the Community (Principl(ed) November 2022) by Andrea McComb, BCPVPA sharing the voices of Dan Duncan and Becky Puterbough SD58

Love Beyond Hello (LBTS 2020) by Kristi Blakeway, SD42

The Roddenberry Reduction (Principl(ed) March 2023) by Kevin Luchies, SD61

Lessons from the Orcas (Principl(ed) June 2022) by Anthoney Rempel, SD73

Making a Difference Through Kindness and Stories (Principl(ed) June 2021) by Angelina Gauthier, SD28

Build Grow Share Kindess (Principl(ed) June 2021) by Cordell JM Ware, SD91

A Journey of Change (Principl(ed) June 2021) by Jane Arbuckle, SD82

Westcot Learning Stories (Principl(ed) March 2020) by Tricia Yurkowski, SD45

44 Dresses (Principl(ed) June 2022) by Lisa Upton, SD44

Leading in Challenging Times

From Surviving To Thriving (Principl(ed) November 2023) by Jacqueline Taylor, SD22

Decolonizing Assessment (Principl(ed) June 2023) by Carolyn Roberts, SFU Department of Education

The Pandemic Practice (LBTS 2020) by Kasha Kikkert Duff, SD36

Growing Together (LBTS 2020) by Wanda Salewski, SD38

The COVID-19 Response: A System of Transition (LBTS 2020) by Claire Clancy, SD37

Communication in the Time of COVID-19 (Principl(ed) June 2021) by Emily Kirzinger, SD61

Leading Through COVID (Principl(ed) March 2022) by Jaclyn Kersey, China Maple Leaf Educational Systems

Supporting Others

Foundations for Literacy (Principl(ed) November 2022) by Erin Hughes, BCPVPA

Why Mentorship? (LBTS 2021) by Aaron Maxwell, SD61 and Lani Vetter, SD75

Unmute: 2021 BC Student Voice Forum (LBTS 2021) by North Delta Secondary School Students and their Principal Aaron Akune, SD37

When Students Have a Voice (Principl(ed) June 2020) by Aaron Akune, SD37


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