The BCPVPA 2023-2026 Strategic Plan was developed during the 2022-2023 school year. The Plan's formulation is based on input gathered from our members, Board of Directors and Chapter executives, staff, and our partners in education.

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Employment Equity  

Fair and equitable terms and conditions of employment are in place that reflect the competencies, responsibilities, and needs of Principals and Vice-Principals.


  • Work with local Chapters to promote an equitable, transparent, and inclusive provincial negotiation process.
  • Enhance local Chapters’ understanding of employment agreements to increase their capacity to advocate for equitable and fair contract provisions.
  • Monitor the implementation of common contract provisions across the 60 districts for fairness and equity.

Member Health 

Principals and Vice-Principals have the support and resources required to maintain and improve their overall well-being


  • Identify and promote offerings that provide Principals and Vice-Principals with resources, tools, and education to maintain and improve their overall wellbeing.
  • Advocate for consistent application of regulations, policies, and practices that prioritize the safety, health, and well-being of Principals and Vice-Principals. 
  • Advocate and facilitate access to timely mental health support.
  • Collaborate with sector partners to promote and nurture a culture of psychological safety for Principals and Vice-Principals.
  • Monitor members’ access to the well-being support provided through the BCPVPA.

Leadership Development 

Principals and Vice-Principals have access to the learning opportunities and programs needed to build their leadership capacity.


  • Develop and offer professional learning opportunities that support the diverse needs and aspirations of Principals and Vice-Principals.
  • Research and develop resources to equip BCPVPA staff and members with the knowledge and skills needed to lead the successful integration of emerging technologies (for example, AI) in BC’s K-12 education system.
  • Grow communities of practice where Principals and Vice-Principals can share best practices, exchange ideas, and engage in peer-to-peer learning. 
  • Provide access to user-friendly up-to-date tools and resources to assist members in developing their growth plans and their leadership profiles and portfolios. 
  • Evaluate the impact of professional development on the leadership capacity of Principals and Vice-Principals.

REDI Champion  

BCPVPA leads and champions Truth and Reconciliation, diversity, cultural competency, and equitable opportunities to ensure a safe and inclusive educational community.


  • Develop and implement a comprehensive Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI) policy and strategy that permeates all aspects of the Association’s operations.
  • Advance the Commission of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Education Calls to Action through the association’s REDI policy, strategy, and initiatives.
  • Attract and retain talented individuals that reflect the diversity of BC within the Association’s staff, its committees, and on the Board.
  • Identify and promote learning opportunities that enhance the cultural competency(ies) of all staff and members regarding racism, oppression, and SOGI issues.
  • Conduct regular and thorough REDI assessments and audits to gauge progress, identify disparities, and track representation amongst staff and the Board.

Respected Voice  

BCPVPA is an influential partner and a respected voice within public education.


  • Provide platforms and communication channels to actively share the stories, experiences, and perspectives of Principals and Vice-Principals.
  • Engage with policymakers, government officials, other educational partners and the public to foster an understanding of the work of the BCPVPA and the importance of strong leadership in education. 
  • Develop an advocacy strategy to effectively communicate the needs, concerns, and aspirations of Principals and Vice-Principals to key partners.
  • Evaluate and assess the impact and reach of the Association’s communication and advocacy efforts. 


The BC Principals' & Vice-Principals' Association is a voluntary professional association representing school leaders employed as Principals and Vice-Principals in BC's public education system. We provide our members with the professional services and supports they need to provide exemplary leadership in public education.

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