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Principl(ed) is the BCPVPA's member magazine that shares the stories of BC's Principals & Vice-Principals. Principl(ed) is published twice a year: Fall (November) and Spring (May).

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November 2023 articles

President's Perspective: Getting Involved
BCPVPA members often have questions about how to get more involved with the Association. Read on to learn about committees, facilitation and other opportunities that your membership provides.

Larry Ryan never planned to become a Principal, however his concern for kids in difficult situations eventually led him to become a school administrator. 

Minister Singh's Perspective: Supporting BC School Communities 
Do you know about the recent work of BC’s Ministry of Education and Child Care? Minister Rachna Singh writes about the Indigenous-Focused Grad Requirement, Feeding Futures program, and more.

Demystifying Compensation
Compensation for exempt employees remains a challenging and confusing topic for many. Chris Beneteau from the BCPSEA sheds a light on some of the key pieces of exempt compensation.

PLD Workout Plan
Just as a workout plan strengthens the body, and a dietary program nourishes it, PLD enhances the professional capabilities you have in your roles as Principals and Vice-Principals. Read this article to discover your PLD Workout Plan.

Tips for Early Career Vice-Principals
Putting people first, asking questions, being transparent about your decision-making processes, are some tips from Vice-Principals for new Vice-Principals to excel in the job.

Recruitment: Where Talent Meets Opportunity
Are you thinking of moving to another district in BC? Remember to consider carefully the terms and conditions of your new contract!

Your Stories: Anti-Racism
Want to know what anti-racist schools are doing as part of this important work? Read from leaders in SD62 (Sooke) and SD 23 (Central Okanagan)

From Surviving To Thriving
If you were a school administrator during the COVID-19 pandemic, you know how challenging it was to execute your plans during this time. Jacqueline Taylor joined Silver Star Elementary in SD22 shortly before the pandemic, and reflects on her experiences during and after.

Reflections on a Leadership Journey
Kevin Reimer became a school leader in 1999, later becoming BCPVPA President in 2016 and Executive Director in 2018. “It’s not just about the numbers, but the people behind them” he writes when explaining the success of K-12 students in BC.

Darren Danyluk sat down with Colleen Mullin, Principal of Instruction at First Nations Stz’uminus Education Society School Colleen Mullin, to talk about the transformative partnerships between First Nations and Public Schools and decolonizing education.

What Keeps You Up At Night?
Last night was the same as usual. You got ready for bed, crawled under the covers a bit too late, and finally drifted off. Several hours later, you are awake, staring at the ceiling, brain spinning, with little hope of sleep. 

Who We Are – The BCPVPA Member Census
How many years of experience do PVPs in BC have? What do they feel is the biggest hindrance to school’s capacities to support students? Read this summary of our census to learn this and much more about our members!

Take 3
How do you take care of yourself when work starts getting busier and the pace takes off? Darby Barnes from humanworks writes three tips to help you.

Mitigating the Impact of Vicarious Trauma
It’s not widely recognized, but PVPs are widely exposed to others’ trauma – students, their families, staff. If you find yourself exposed to trauma on a regular basis, read on to learn how to mitigate the effects of this.

Split the Pie: A Radical New Way to Negotiate by Barry Nalebuff
Whether you’re negotiating terms of engagement within a relationship, terms and conditions of employment at work or otherwise, the process can become taxing and adversarial. Carmen Eberle reviews Barry Nalebuff’s book on  a new approach for negotiations.

Finding a Voice in Art: ArtStarts in Schools
On this community feature we highlight ArtStarts in Schools, an organization that brings the work of various artists closer to students in schools across BC.


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