The BCPVPA is committed to a journey where we are learning about leading for equity and allyship as an organization through listening, consultation, engagement, research, and an examination of our strategies and structures. We are grateful that our members and friends are on their own learning and teaching journeys, and that they have shared their perspectives through articles featured in BCPVPA's publications Principl(ed) and Leading: Back to School.

Equity Articles

SOGI 1 2 3 Reflecting Back, and Looking Ahead  Principl(ed) (May 2024)

Why We Need a Fundamental Understanding of the Matriarchy Principl(ed) (May 2024)

Qathet: Embracing Change  Principl(ed) (May 2024)

Your Stories: Anti-Racism  Principl(ed) (May 2024)

Your Stories: Anti-Racism (Principl(ed) November 2023)  

Nutsa'maat (Principl(ed) November 2023)  

Anti-Racism Reminders for New Administrators (LBTS 2022)

Advancing Reconciliation Through Education (Principl(ed) March 2023)  

Lessons About Racism (Principl(ed) November 2022)

A Professional Dream Deferred (Principl(ed) March 2021) 

The Equity Journey (Principl(ed) June 2022)

Leading for Equity (Principl(ed) March 2022)

From My Notebook: Leading for Equity Series (Principl(ed) June 2022)

Performance of Pink (Principl(ed) June 2022)

Stepping into Discomfort (Principl(ed) June 2022)

Stop Doing the Work – Start Being the Work (Principl(ed) June 2022) 

Orange Shirt Day (LBTS 2021) 

Roots: the Sm’algya̱x Program (Principl(ed), March 2020)

The Gift of Teaching and Learning from the Land (Principl(ed) June 2020)

Finding Balance (Principl(ed) November 2020)

Indigenous Graduation Coach (Principl(ed) March 2021) 

Indigenous Education Allies and Leads (IEAL) (Principl(ed) June 2021) 

Weaving Together: Leadership in the Community (Principl(ed) March 2022) 


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