The BCPVPA Partnership Awards recognize and honour the valuable support provided to Principals, Vice-Principals, teachers and students by individuals and groups who have - over an extended period of time - shared their time, energy and expertise to support schools. 

Now Accepting Nominations for the 2021 Partnership Awards

This is an opportunity for BCPVPA Chapters to recognize and celebrate a group, organization, or individual who has had a positive impact on your local community and has offered ongoing, valuable support over the years.  

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Nominations close April 1, 2021. Five nominees will then be selected to receive the 2021 Partnership Award. 

Our thanks go out to our nominating Chapters and to all nominees, past and future!

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The Award itself is a beautiful framed print by Haida Gwaii artist Bill Bedard. The Partnership Award print features an owl and eagle. Bill has told us that the eagle travels between the physical world and spiritual world and signifies focus, strength, peace, leadership, and prestige. The Owl, he says, reflects the wisdom and the world of educators and their supporters because “the work does not end when the students go home, but requires many nights of hard work and reflection as we strive to prepare our students for a better tomorrow.”