Just what do BC's Principals and Vice-Principals do?

More than you might imagine!

  • They keep students at the centre of their focus
  • They support and mentor teachers and school staff
  • They work to align Ministry, district and school goals
  • They implement curriculum
  • They manage school facilities & resources
  • They promote their schools & nurture learning communities

Leadership Development 
BC Principals and Vice-Principals are lead learners in their schools: they model life-long learning and keep pace with changes in educational theory and practice. Their work extends beyond the walls of the school.

Instructional Leadership
BC Principals and Vice-Principals lead teachers to develop effective teaching methods and promote the development and improvement of instruction, and create a productive learning environment with a focus on maximizing student success. They encourage innovation and champion professional growth plans for their teams.

School Vision
BC Principals and Vice-Principals develop their school plans to align with district and Ministry goals. They understand and operationalize the provincial and district mission statements that guide the school’s objectives.

Curriculum Implementation 
BC Principals and Vice-Principals plan for effective implementation of educational programs, referencing school, district and provincial goals designed to improve student success. They evaluate and analyze programs, and design them to meet the unique and diverse needs of students.

Resource Management 
BC Principals and Vice-Principals manage the human resources, physical plants, finances and other assets in their schools. They ensure safe and orderly schools, develop and manage school budgets, monitor accounts and ensure the compliance of school fundraising projects.

Community Relations
BC Principals and Vice-Principals promote parent engagement and strong partnerships between their schools and the community. They are actively engaged with parents and parent advisory councils, and support the exchange of information between parents and staff.

Respectful Relationships
BC Principals and Vice-Principals actively motivate and involve staff, students and parents in setting priorities and participating in the school community. They encourage positive attitudes, integrity, honesty and humour.

Safe and Inclusive Schools 
BC Principals and Vice-Principals value diversity and strive to make their schools welcoming and safe places for all students, staff and other members of the school community. They represent student interests at the district level to Superintendents and Trustees.


The BC Principals' & Vice-Principals' Association is a voluntary professional association representing school leaders employed as Principals and Vice-Principals in BC's public education system. We provide our members with the professional services and supports they need to provide exemplary leadership in public education.

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