BCPVPA's Spring 2020 series The Learning Brain features tips, links and self-assessment tools that will help you to better understand the mental health continuum, and to use the many resources that are available.

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Week 1: Mental Health
Week 2: Positive Psychology
Week 3: The Building Blocks of Resilience
Week 4: Self Care
Week 5: Chilling Out 
Week 6: Calming a Reacting Mind
Week 7: Coping with Anxiety
Week 8: Early Warning Signs of Mental Health Injury
Week 9: Coping During a Pandemic
Week 10: Rethinking Depression
Week 11: Self-Soothing and Addiction
Week 12: Play and Laughter
Week 13: Investing in Relationships While Social Distancing
Week 14: Loving Someone with a Mental Illness
Week 15: Glowing with Gratitude
Week 16: Diversity & Inclusion: Mental Wellness for the Whole Community
Week 17: A Summer of Opportunity