September 15, 2023 Message to Members

Greetings colleagues,

As you complete the first full week of the school year, take a moment to reflect on the countless start-up tasks that you have accomplished in such a short time. It was often joked about when I was in PDP, a lifetime ago, but it can be difficult for Principals and Vice-Principals to take a moment to reflect on a job well done. Reflection is how we process what we have done; we find satisfaction in what went well, and think about how we can do some things better. 

As you transition from a focus on managerial tasks to your educational leadership role, I would like to share a few points to help you carry the spirit of optimism forward into the school year.


Research consistently indicates that the educational leadership provided by Principals and Vice-Principals is a key factor in student achievement. To put it simply, great schools are led by great Principals. 

The common interests shared by students, parents, staff, Principals, and Vice-Principals can create natural opportunities for dialogue around important aspects of education, and can help to focus the vision of the school community. An emphasis on teaching, learning, and the shared values and vision of the community helps to sustain the best culture for student achievement.


Clear and regular communication to the school community allows you to recognize, highlight, and celebrate student success, and to acknowledge staff strengths, professionalism, and community support. This focus on teaching, learning, and student achievement conveys the excellence of BC’s public education system to the school community.

Building rapport with staff reps can minimize potential issues, and keep communication lines open and productive. Engagement in conversations, the creation of authentic connections, and your own visibility in interactions throughout the school community enables you to promote distributed leadership, support growth, creativity, and innovation, and empower everyone.


Principals and Vice-Principals deal with significant volume and complexity (sometimes referenced as ‘volexity’), seldom take lunch breaks, and bring their work into their home life on a regular basis. Strive to maintain an awareness of these tendencies in order to achieve a better life-work balance.


Connecting with colleagues is a great way to gain some perspective on your leadership work. Your fall plans won’t be complete without the chance to… 

Interact / Connect / Reflect

Yes: registration is open for the 2023 BCPVPA Connecting Leaders Conference in Kelowna, October 19 - 21. The conference committee have organized a dynamic in-person program at Canyon Falls Middle School. However, if you are unable to travel to Kelowna, you can participate virtually. Details about the conference and registration are available below, so take a look and register soon!


Event details

I look forward to connecting with many of you in Kelowna.

Have a great weekend,



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