BCPVPA's Member Support Services team is committed to ensuring that our members are informed as to their employment rights and their responsibilities in their roles. BCPVPA's Principl(ed) magazine features in-depth articles that helps our members to make informed choices.

Language Matters

(BCPVPA Adminfo - Spring 2019)
When it comes to personal service contracts, language matters.

(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - Fall 2019)
What harassment is ... and what it isn't.

Long Term Disability 101
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - Fall 2019
Long term disability insurance can help protect you and your family if an illness or accident leaves you unable to work.

BC Commission for Teacher Regulation
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - Spring 2019)
What is the office of the BC Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, and what does it do?

BCPVPA Contract Advisory Committee
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - Spring 2019)
This important committee has been critical since the beginning.

BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - June 2020)
Alongside the responsibility of organizing their records, Principals and Vice-Principals bear  responsibility for ensuring the privacy of documents in their possession.

Conducting Fair Reviews
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - November 2020)
Marli Rusen on the link between defensible decision-making and workplace morale. 

Pension Quiz
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - November 2020)
How well do you know your pension?

(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - November 2020)
The delicate art of changing districts, schools, teams and roles.

Knowing Your Legal Team
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - March 2021)
Meet the team at DLA Piper that supports our team and our members