BCPVPA's Member Support Services team is committed to ensuring that our members are informed as to their employment rights and their responsibilities in their roles. BCPVPA's Principl(ed) magazine features in-depth articles that helps our members to make informed choices.

Language Matters
(BCPVPA Adminfo - Spring 2019)
When it comes to personal service contracts, language matters.

(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - Fall 2019)
What harassment is... and what it isn't.

Long Term Disability 101
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - Fall 2019
Long term disability insurance can help protect you and your family if an illness or accident leaves you unable to work.

BC Commission for Teacher Regulation
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - Spring 2019)
What is the office of the BC Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, and what does it do?

BCPVPA Contract Advisory Committee
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - Spring 2019)
This important committee has been critical since the beginning.

BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - June 2020)
Alongside the responsibility of organizing their records, Principals and Vice-Principals bear  responsibility for ensuring the privacy of documents in their possession.

Recording Conversations: Is It Legal?
(BCPVPA Leading Back to School - September 2020)
Know your legal rights, and the precautions that you can take to ensure that potentially sensitive conversations are not recorded without your knowledge and agreement.

Conducting Fair Reviews
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - November 2020)
Marli Rusen on the link between defensible decision-making and workplace morale. 

Pension Quiz
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - November 2020)
How well do you know your pension?

(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - November 2020)
The delicate art of changing districts, schools, teams and roles.

Knowing Your Legal Team
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - March 2021)
Meet the team at DLA Piper that supports our team and our members

A Brief (Legal) History of the BC Principals' & Vice-Principals' Association
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - June 2021)
Take a high level look at the colourful history of the BCPVPA.

Harassment Quiz
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - June 2021)
Do you know what you need to know as a leader about harassment?

Representation: What to Expect as a BCPVPA Member
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - June 2021)
Learn about what services and supports are available to our members.

Lessons Learned
(BCPVPA Principl(ed) - November 2021)
What happens when a complaint is filed against you and how can you prepare for investigation?


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