Fall 2019 Webinar Series 

Four of BC’s most influential educators share words of inspiration for school leaders and their teams in this series of webinars that follow the October 2019 release of the BCPVPA video series Leading Student Success. 

Brad Baker 
Indigenous Education 

How do Principals and Vice-Principals continue to enhance the learning environment for all learners regarding Indigenous Education? Understand the Three Pathways of Indigenous Education and how vital they are to leadership.
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Faye Brownlie
Literacy Education

Literacy is the key that unlocks doors. Literacy is about thinking - making meaning and thinking creatively. By providing guidance, educators can increase their students' connection to the text and deepen their understanding, engagement and motivation for reading. 
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Shelley Moore
Diversity Education 

In this webinar, Shelley Moore looks at how the goals of inclusion have continued to shift and evolve as we learn more about diversity and identity. We will reflect on the next steps for advocacy, celebration, and plans for action. 

Dr. Linda Kaser and Dr. Judy Halbert

The inquiry leadership practices of BC and Yukon leaders are system changing not only in Canada but around the world. The webinar will address this question: What are the top five practices that outstanding inquiry leaders do to inspire adults to be curious about getting stronger learner outcomes? Drs. Kaser and Halbert will draw on the work in BC and the Yukon as well as the work in England, Catalonia/Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Kenya and Canadian schools in China. They will also highlight a new and very useful Playbook that will help formal leaders, teachers and young people in their decision-making lives. 


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