Spring 2019 Webinar Series 

Henry Au and Alison Davies Mentoring & Coaching: Powerful Conversations 
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The conversations we have with colleagues every day are opportunities to explore and strengthen professional judgement leading towards desired results and greater self-efficacy. This webinar examines the qualities of powerful mentor/coach conversations, presents a framework for effective conversations and offers examples of impactful questions that help colleagues learn from difficult issues as they arise. We discuss the dispositions and skills important to such conversations, and in particular the challenges in making space for intentional conversations in highly demanding workplaces. Henry Au has been a learning leader with the Vancouver School Board since 2013, and prior to that he was an educator in the independent school system for more than 15 years. Alison Davies has an Education Masters in Curriculum Studies from SFU and has been an elementary teacher since 1990. Alison led the New Teacher Mentoring Project, a joint project of the BCTF, UBC and the BCSSA, from 2012-2017, and has served as coordinator of the BCPVPA Mentorship Program since its inception in 2017.   

Dr. Catherine McGregor Indigenous Transitions: Improving Transitions for Indigenous Learners through Collaborative Inquiry 
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From 2016-2018, 10 educator teams from across BC engaged in a deep exploration of how to better support their Indigenous learners, particularly examining what we call ‘transition points’, places and times where learners are at risk of losing their connection to schooling and educational success. In this webinar, Dr. McGregor relates some of the powerful learning of the educator teams and shares a summary of the principles the teams used along with the context of the work for school leaders across BC. Dr. Catherine McGregor currently serves as Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria. Her research is in the area of leadership, and she is particularly interested in investigating the role leaders can play in schools and communities that enable socially just and transformational change, creating equity and inclusive learning environments.   

Carol Powell and Kevin Reimer Chapter Transitions: The New BC Societies Act and the Benefits of Incorporation View the Webinar

BCPVPA’s Carol Powell and Kevin Reimer invite members to learn more about changes to the Societies Act and how that may impact Chapters around the province. While the BCPVPA’s recent work on Chapter governance focused on supporting the incorporation of BCPVPA Chapters who were transitioning from the former Society Act (B.C.) to the Societies Act (B.C.), during this process we realized that other BCPVPA Chapters may be interested in the benefits of incorporation as a B.C. society. Carol and Kevin share with participants the benefits of incorporation as well as an overview of the model Constitution and Bylaws that Chapters can use as a template when modernizing their own Constitutions and Bylaws. Carol Powell is a CPA, CGA, and recently celebrated 30 years with the BCPVPA as Director, Finance. Kevin Reimer is the BCPVPA Executive Director. Kevin has served as a teacher, Adult Education Principal, and Vice-Principal and Principal since 1998 in Delta and the Comox Valley, and is a former Board Director and President of the BCPVPA.   

Skye Barbic and Pam Liversidge Foundry: Why to Connect and the Work that Foundry is Doing
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Foundry is a Canadian first: a network of centers that offer primary care, mental health care, addictions support, peer support and social services to BC youth ages 12-24. In this webinar, Skye Barbic and Pam Liversidge introduce the mission and vision of Foundry and outline the services, support, resources and tools available to people working in school communities to learn more about supporting student mental wellness. Skye Barbic is the Foundry Head Scientist, Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia and a member of the Federal Minister of Health’s Mental Health Advisory Council. Skye has 16 years of clinical experience as an occupational therapist working with youth and young adults with mental illness and substance use disorders. Pam Liversidge is the Foundry Executive Director. Pam brings 18 years of strategic level policy experience within the social sector, and worked previously in the provincial government to develop province-wide strategies in Aboriginal housing, child welfare, physician compensation and mental health and substance use.

Kevin Brand, Olivia Densmore, Kerri Steel and Laura Tait Focus Schools: Collaboration and School Teams
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The goal of Focus Schools is to increase literacy achievement for our struggling learners. Collaborative school teams, driven by a deep understanding of our students and their needs, work to implement tiered models of support to enhance the social-emotional wellness of all students. In this webinar, the Nanaimo Team explores the many levels of support required to make Focus Schools successful. Kevin Brand is currently the Principal of Bayview Elementary in Nanaimo and served for four years as a Principal in both Ladysmith and Fort Rupert (Port Hardy). Olivia Densmore is a teacher who prioritizes student engagement, assessment-informed practices and teacher collaboration. She currently works in Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools as a Literacy Coordinator. Kerri Steel is currently the Principal of Ladysmith Intermediate School and has served as the Vice Principal of Cedar Elementary and Cedar Secondary Schools, and the District Principal of Learning for the Qualicum School District.  Laura Tait is currently an Assistant Superintendent in the Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools. Laura is Tsimshian from Prince Rupert and her mother is from the village of Lax Kw’Alaams. She was born into the Eagle Clan. 

March 2019 Webinar Mini-Series 

BCPVPA and the Ministry of Education BC Training and Education Savings Program (BCTESP) Grant
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The $1,200 BC Training and Education Savings Program (BCTESP) grant for BC children was launched in 2015. The webinar provides details of who is eligible and how to receive the grant. The Ministry of Education shares its plans for promoting the grant to families in the coming year. Led by Nancy Needham, Sr. Policy Analyst with the Student Certification Branch. Nancy has been working at the Ministry of Education since 2011, and is the program lead for BCTESP and the Provincial Scholarship Program. 

Student Information Systems
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BC Ministry of Education staff presents updates on Student Information Systems including TRAX, StudentTranscript Services, MyEducation BC, Graduation Assessments and the new Student Data Exchange. Led by Ministry consultant Bert Van Der Geest, Project Director for the Integrated Student Data portfolio of projects; Linda Dun, Manager, Graduation and Certification; and Christine Lervold, Director My Education BC Operations


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