Leading a Culture of Learning - Level 1 is an eight-month learning experience that supports leading learning through focused dialogue that is grounded in a clear vision – all to enhance a culture of learning in your school. The five day-long sessions offer an opportunity to build instructional leadership capacity through a peer coaching model with embedded practice and reflection. Sessions are generally held on a consecutive Friday and Saturday in the fall, winter and spring. On-going peer support occurs through triad conference calls held every two weeks and has proven to be a valuable portion of the learning experience.

2020/2021 Cohorts 

Rocky Mountain Cohort (Invermere) 

Okanagan Cohort (Vernon) 

Metro Cohort (Mission)

Leading a Culture of Learning - Level  2 is a five-day program over seven months that offers a practical extension to Level 1. The BC five Dimensions of Practice, a framework of common language of learning, is used as participants practice observing learning in classrooms and work with colleagues to develop curious questions that inspire learning for all. The first session introduces the 5D Framework and the subsequent four sessions are hosted in the schools of the participants. During these four practical sessions, participants will have the opportunity to establish the dimension of focus that will guide several learning observations and then practice developing reflective questions in a supportive group setting. Triad teams will provide on-going peer support between the sessions as participants engage in their learning focused dialogues.

2020/2021 Cohorts
Central Vancouver Island
Metro Region 

2019/2020 Cohorts 
Gulf Island Cohort Day 4 and Day 5 
Haida Gwaii Cohort Day 4 and Day 5