Negotiation Representation 

Every Principal and Vice-Principal in Canada, with the exception of school leaders in British Columbia, is represented provincially in their contract negotiations. We believe that BC Principals and Vice-Principals should have the same right. 

For the past seven years, the  BCPVPA has been working to achieve a standardized provincial approach for terms and conditions of employment which are common to all school leaders. 

 These documents and presentations are a sampling of the work that the BCPVPA has presented to BCPSEA and other sector partners in relation to negotiation representation, and the journey continues.

December 2017 correspondence to BCASBO regarding negotiation agency initiative

June 2018 Negotiation Agency backgrounder, presented to BCPSEA Board of Directors

June 2018 Negotiation Agency slide presentation to BCPSEA Board of Directors

November 2018 Negotiation Representation Report to BCPSEA

November 2018 Appendix to Negotiation Representation Report to BCPSEA

December 2018 Negotiation Representation backgrounder

December 2018 BCPVPA: Working Together in Education, presentation to BCSTA

November 2019 correspondence to Honourable David Eby, Attorney General regarding negotiation representation 

December 2019 correspondence to Honourable Robert Fleming, Minister of Education regarding negotiation representation

January 2020 correspondence to BCPSEA representatives, in advance of BCPSEA AGM


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