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We are sharing book titles, articles, videos and podcasts to help support our members' continuing work of anti-racism and equity, and to help deepen our understanding of Canada’s diverse communities.

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CBC Podcasts | 10 Episode Limited Series
This Place
hosted by Rosanna Deerchild
If you are looking for a new podcast series for your walk or drive to school in the morning, this could be your next series. Follow this 10-part journey through one-hundred and fifty years of Indigenous resistance and resilience, based on the acclaimed graphic novel anthology This Place.

The Stories we Tell Ourselves: The Process of Re-appraising our Thoughts

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This month, humanworks Rehabilitation Consultant Darby Eakins gives us the tools to reassess the often inaccurate stories we tell ourselves, and exercise reappraisal to help us stop ruminating on situations we initially perceive as stressful. 

Darby is a registered clinical counsellor who describes her work calling as ‘caring for people who care for people’. Darby has worked supporting leaders and workers in complex human serving systems (health care and education) for over a decade. At this time, she specifically supports teachers and school leaders and finds deep joy and honour in her work.

OpED: Charles Ungerleider

In this week’s blog, Charles Ungerleider argues that expunging school names because the person’s behaviour is, by today’s standards, offensive does not absolve the education system of its enduring responsibility to educate about, and carefully consider, the complexities of making historical and moral judgments.

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Charles Ungerleider is a Professor Emeritus of Education at The University of British Columbia and Managing Partner at Directions Evidence and Policy Research Group. The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in the OpED articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, policy, or position of the BCPVPA.

ReFresh: Recess for Your Health

ReFresh is a BCPVPA health resource with simple exercises and information that you can explore. ReFresh appears as a Member Update every Wednesday. All ReFresh posts are archived here.

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BCPVPA PLD Readers Corner

Each month, your PLD Directors will upload pertinent articles, blog post, or podcast on BetterEducate and in the new Member Portal and in the BCPVPA Member Portal under Resources/ Readers’ Corner for your quick learning opportunity.  

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