Leading: Back to School Fall 2020

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Turns out... I’m a Country Mouse.
A message from President Darren Danyluk.

Connect with Member Support Services
Learn about what the BCPVPA Member Support Services team does, and the diverse ways they offer support to members.

The third year of the BCPVPA Mentorship Program
Past participants of the BCPVPA Mentorship Program speak to their experiences of reciprocal learning and relationship building.

Inside the Ministry of Education
Meet some of the foundational people behind the BC Ministry of Education and learn about their roles in supporting school leaders, student success and continuity of learning.

The Leadership Planning Guide
Learn about the Leadership Planning Guide and how it was created, what it focuses on and why it’s a valuable resource for school leaders.

Recording Conversations... Is It Legal?
Don Boyd, Director of MSS, and Lisa Slater (DLA Piper) provide guidance for dealing with work-related recorded conversations.

Redefining Challenging Behaviour
Michael Carlyle, SD35 Principal, shares how working collaboratively with students to change negative behaviours is the key. 

Moving: An Interview with Andy Hargreaves
Andy Hargreaves shares the ‘why’ of writing his memoir, Moving, and shares his personal journey to understanding how social mobility and education relate.

The Pandemic Practice SD 36
First year Vice-Principal, Kasha Kikkert Duff, tells of her unexpected experience navigating a new school leader role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pandemic Practice SD 38
Wanda Salewski, SD38 Principal, shares how her school community stayed connected during the pandemic through a sunflower seed project.

Time to Catch Up with Chris Horton
SD73 Principal and Principl(ed) Podcast host, Chris Horton, reflects on the important takeaways from his interviews so far, with guests on the BCPVPA podcast. 

Brain Strain: Mental Health 101 Part II
Dr. Edalati breaks down how our bodies respond to burnout and discusses ways we can douse the heat of workplace burnout early on.

What Guides & Directs our Practice?
A review of the policies, acts and regulations that shape the roles and responsibilities of BC Principals and Vice-Principals.

Back to School Readiness
Jack MacNeill from humanworks shares his wisdom on staying vigilant in our health, staying connected and starting the new school year strong.

Principal Health & Well-Being
Gail Markin and Dr. Fei Wang reflect on their research to explore the question: “How do we move towards well-being in a practical way, without adding yet another layer of work to an already overwhelmed system?”

SET BC: Inclusive School Initiative
Learn about SD71’s experience with implementing the SET-BC Inclusive Schools Initiative in their school community.

Play: is the Way
Leroy Slanzi, SD58 Principal, reflects on how purposeful play can improve students’ social and emotional learning.

Go be the Principal, Please
Jim Allison, SD38 District Administrator, explores what it means to be a Principal, beyond being an efficient administrator.

Love Beyond Hello
Kristi Blakeway, author and SD42 Principal, takes us through her journey of starting Project: HELLO (Helping Everyone Locate Loved Ones) and getting her students involved at the core.

The COVID-19 Response: A System of Transition
Claire Clancy, SD37 Principal, reframes the COVID-19 disruption to schools as an opportunity for equity, dialogue, deep listening and collective voice. 


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