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Precedented Times
After 17 months of ‘unprecedented’ times we are hopeful for a year that is more typical or – as some may put it – ‘precedented’. BCPVPA President, Darren Danyluk, talks about understanding the impact of the pandemic on others, being culturally responsive, and helping to build competence, confidence, connection and more as we look to the important work ahead.

Coffee's On!
Coffee Connections is back! What began as an experiment during COVID has become a wonderful way to connect our members across the province. What was your favourite Coffee Connections moment? Read about what participants have to say in our 2021 Leading: Back to School magazine, and join us for an upcoming session.

New Staff
We have three new friendly faces in our office! Carmen Eberle is a new Director of Member Support Services, and Peter Johnston and Andrea McComb have both taken on the roles of Directors of Professional Learning & Development. We welcome them to our team! 

Affinity Spaces
Affinity Spaces create a place for conversations about race, identity, and lived experience; they are a way to promote diversity and inclusion in our communities and the education sector. Learn more about the Asian Edchat sessions hosted by our member Wayne Chow (SD42), created to talk about the challenges of being an Asian educator, to share thoughts on addressing anti-Asian racism in education, and to discuss what educational leaders are doing in their schools to bring about change.

Connecting Leaders
Learn more about the 2021 Connecting Leaders Conference: Leading for Equity, hosted by the BCPVPA’s Metro Region Chapters. This year we will gather virtually, with keynote speakers: Nouman Ashraf, Anna Maria Tremonti, and Candy Palmater.

Why Mentorship
Aaron Maxwell, SD61 (Mentor) and Lani Vetter, SD75 (Mentee) discuss their experiences as participants in the BCPVPA Mentorship Program, and the honest and vulnerable conversations that continue to connect them with skills that increase their capacity as leaders.

BetterEducate creates a framework to support school administrators in a system that is constantly evolving. Developed from a platform for coaches, the same principles have been applied to support educators to network, access resources and develop growth plans

2021 BCPVPA Partnership Awards
For more than two decades, the BCPVPA Partnership Awards have been presented in recognition of the immeasurable time, energy, and expertise that local people dedicate to supporting BC students and schools. Read about the 2021 winners in this issue of Leading: Back to School.

Looking Ahead
What does Professional Learning and Development have planned for this fall? Read the department recap regarding new directors, advisors, and upcoming events. PLD has many programs lined up, like Leading a Culture of Learning, Leading the Way, Coffee Connections, Lone Leaders, and Connecting Leaders.

Anti-Racism Reminders for BC Administrators
The Leading: Back to School article, Anti-Racism Reminders for BC Administrators, calls on all educators to understand the necessary work of anti-racism and decolonization, and to create safe, brave, and inclusive spaces for students and staff so that they can feel both seen and empowered.

Organizational Renewal
Using Dr. Simon Breakspear’s theory of the three phases of organizational response as a frame, BCPVPA’s Elizabeth Bell writes about how we can preserve those adapted methods of teaching and organizing that were developed while working during the pandemic. What are the systems developed during COVID-19 that YOU want to keep, and why?

Raising a Scientifically Literate Citizenry
Scientists in School is a charity with a mission to engage K-12 students through fun STEM activities that foster scientific literacy. Find out how they help guide students in navigating and critically analyzing new data, studies, or observations.

Developing a Staff Vision
Kevin Reimer, BCPVPA Executive Director, proposes developing a staff vision through collaboration and storytelling, learning what is important to your staff through their own ‘hall-of-fame’ moments, and discerning the values and beliefs at the core of those moments. What paths have you followed in developing a staff vision?

Fall Health For Leading
How can school leaders ensure a healthy, thriving school community? The answer is in the well-being of their employees. Rochelle Morandini, BCPVPA Director of Member Well-being, outlines the leader’s role in creating a culture of connection and well-being, and ways to support staff members who may be struggling. 

Building Your School Start
It’s almost time – you are about to welcome your staff and students back to school. Are you ready? We asked seasoned school leaders about their go-to plans for building a school start – you won’t be surprised to hear that relationships topped the list! Find out more about building connections and how to ensure a smooth start-up. 

What Guides & Directs Our Practice
Need a refresher on the regulations, policies, and standards that guide the roles & responsibilities of school leaders? Check out ‘What Guides & Directs or Practice’ in this issue of Leading: Back to School.

Who's Who?
The BCPVPA collaborates with a variety of organizations in BC’s education sector; get to know the many groups that we work with to support BC’s students. 

Making Your Professional Health and Well-Being a Priority
humanworks President and Founder Jack MacNeill reminds us that no-one is immune to struggles with mental health; it's precisely why BCPVPA and humanworks created the Early Intervention Program. The EIP can help members address wellness concerns and find a sustainable way to return to work.

SOGI 123
The ARC Foundation is a leader in developing resources, policies, and procedures that support 2SLGBTQ+ students in the public K-12 education system. In Leading: Back to School, they chronicle the path taken to help schools and districts become SOGI-inclusive.

Supporting Mental Health During Back to School
On top of the typical #backtoschool nerves, fall 2021 brings additional anxieties. Students are dealing with more mental strain, as COVID-19 amplifies social stressors and existing mental health conditions. The Foundry helps students and educators with resources, tools, guides, and counselling services for youth (12-24). 

Leading a Culture of Change at Barriere Secondary
Explore “what is possible when educators step into the arena to challenge the mindset of ‘tradition’ or ‘what has always been done’ and embrace the uncertainty of the unknown”, as some BC educators change their pedagogical approach during the pandemic to the benefit of their students.

Orange Shirt Day
On September 30, we observe Orange Shirt Day. It’s a time for meaningful discussions about the inter-generational trauma caused by Residential ‘Schools’, and to have conversations about how we can decolonize and create pathways to reconciliation. Find out how your school can participate through activities and resources for educators. 

UNMUTE: 2021 BC Student Voice Forum
The 2021 BC Student Voice Forum – aptly named UNMUTE – was a chance for students to virtually gather and speak candidly about the challenges and concerns they face, including mental wellness, anti-racism, and digital literacy. Hear the voices of North Delta Secondary Students as BC Student Voice UNMUTES. 

Everyone Deserves a Smile
The Everyone Deserves a Smile initiative started in 2003 as a way for students to both empathize with and help people who are homeless. Find out how students have helped more than 2,000 people living on the street or in shelters.


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