President's Perspective: Supporting Our Members
BCPVPA President Brian Leonard talks about his ‘AIMS’ for the role during his upcoming term. He hopes to lead the Association with the guiding objectives of Advocacy, Influence, and Member Support. Read more about his approach and philosophies in this article.

Day in the Life of an Elementary School Principal
For this installment of Day in the Life, we feature Dr. Shannon Behan as our cover story. She speaks about her journey to become a Principal and her doctoral research about women’s leadership roles in education. 

One to Many
The BCPVPA is committed to making our programming accessible to all members, no matter where they are in the province. That’s why we offer the opportunity for school districts to gather at local ‘Host’ sites to stream BCPVPA learning. Don’t worry: we do all the work for you!

Indigenous-Created Cultural Resources for the Classroom
4Canoes was established as a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) 94 calls to action focusing on how they can impact education. They have developed many resources appropriate for K-12 classes that bring Indigenous voices from around the world to BC classrooms.

Caring Committees
As part of the BCPVPA governance structure, we have several standing committees to advise our Board about what is important to members. Members have the opportunity to apply to join a committee for a two-year term and make a direct impact supporting their colleagues. 

Violence in the Workplace: What BC School Leaders Need to Know
Do you know what to do when there is an event of violence in your school? This article illuminates what you need to know about your risk and responsibility in the role of Principal or Vice-Principal. We review how to prevent incidents, and identify resources and policies that guide leaders as to what actions to take when instances of violence in the workplace occur. 

Know your Pension: Frequently-Asked Questions
We review the commonly asked questions about retirement and pensions: Can I retire before 65? What does it mean to name a ‘guarantee’ on my pension? You don’t have to be near retirement to want to know the answers to these questions!

The Heart of the Community

This article shares two stories of Principals leading their communities after natural disasters in the middle of a pandemic. These two incredible perspectives show that schools really are the beating heart of our communities.

Diverse Women in Leadership

Five women from diverse backgrounds share their thoughts on becoming leaders in education, the barriers that they overcame, and how they hope the system will change. We are delighted to highlight stories from these women who excel in their leadership!

Intentionally Growing Leaders: Two Perspectives
Two colleagues share their perspectives on how to facilitate a Mindful Leadership program. Leanne Kemp and Craig Mah talk about their approach to developing the topics covered in the workshop series Intentionally Growing Leaders. 

Take 3
Jack MacNeill, President of humanworks, shares his three tips for wellness now that the school year is underway. How are you doing in managing your wellness, and are there areas where you could review, revise, and renew?

The Ripple Effect
We dig deeper into psychological health and safety, and how Principals and Vice-Principals can be at the centre of creating a learning environment that is psychologically safe and that elevates the work of those invested in the community. 

Foundations for Literacy
Write to Read BC works alongside Indigenous communities to build literacy centres and deliver resources to some of the most rural and remote communities in BC. They have a mission to say yes to every project… Setting up a literacy centre in Gitsegukla in the middle of a pandemic – challenge accepted!

Book Review: Troubling Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Education
Reviewed by Carolyn Roberts
Our friend and regular learning leader at BCPVPA events, Carolyn Roberts, shares her learning from the book: Troubling Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Education. She encourages all educators to read this book, and confront “the troubling challenges of decolonizing the education system.”

Book Review: Walking on Eggshells?
Reviewed by Carmen Eberle
BCPVPA Member Support Services Director Carmen Eberle shares her most recent read from one of her favourite authors Marli Rusen: Walking on Eggshells? Do you find yourself in need of a guide to difficult conversations? This is the right read for you!

Last Word: Super-Heroic Tendencies
Kevin Reimer, Executive Director, discusses the effort school leaders put into their roles and the increasing demands on their time – to complete it all sometimes goes beyond what seems possible, and veers into the realm of the super-heroic.


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