An important initiative in the BCPVPA strategy to support the well-being of our members was launched in May 2021: a Survey that offers a platform for BCPVPA members and members of the BCPVPA LTD Plan to share what they are experiencing. 

Who is thriving as a leader, and in teams? Who feels psychologically safe and supported? What factors in your environment promote your success?   

This is critical information we will draw upon to build the supports you’ll need going forward, and that will help us to share what is happening for school leaders and their teams.  

Teaser: Thriving in Education Survey Results 

The BCPVPA would like to express our appreciation for your completion of the Thriving in Education Survey. We exceeded our goal of 1,000 responses, all thanks to your participation! Click here to see the demographic and regional breakdown of those who completed the survey.

An initial glance at the results clearly illuminates the interesting dichotomy that is the life of an administrator. Driven by purpose, motivated by passion, while willing to give so much in a current environment that is increasingly draining. For example, we asked the question: 

I am enthusiastic about my work:

  • 64% Strongly Agreed/Agreed 
  • 29% Slightly Agreed/Slightly Disagreed
  • 7% Disagreed/Strongly Disagreed 

We see that as a group we are still engaged by what we do, however, when we look at the answer to the question below, we can understand the cognitive struggle of our members who are enthusiastic but also challenged in meeting what they believe are their expected outcomes. 

I am feeling increasingly guilty because I cannot get all my work done. 

  • 26% Strongly Agreed/Agreed
  • 41% Slightly Agreed/Slightly Disagreed
  • 33% Disagreed/Strongly Disagreed   

Further evidence of the internal ‘conflict’ our members face can be seen in these two questions below. 

I am confident in my capacity to handle the many expectations of my role.

  • 73% Strongly Agreed/Agreed
  • 21% Slightly Agreed/Slightly Disagreed
  • 6% Disagreed/Strongly Disagreed 

We are a confident and competent group that are well-equipped for our roles and attuned enough to know when things are uncomfortably hard to attain – particularly during this past year. As can be seen in the responses to this question: 

The amount of work I am expected to do is reasonable for my position.

  • 29% Strongly Agreed/Agreed
  • 38% Slightly Agreed/Slightly Disagreed
  • 33% Disagreed/Strongly Disagreed 

There is so much rich data to mine from this survey. Looking at just the macro responses from the total population begins to tell a story. However, the story will deepen when we explore and analyze the relationship between demographics and specific psychological safety drivers, as well as correlations between those thriving and what psychological safety factors support their success. 

We will be sharing a full report on the results in the early Fall with commentary on what recommendations we believe - going forward - will maintain those members who are currently doing well and what can be put in place to enable more members to thrive. Look to eNews for another teaser as well as the three winners for Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe’s book, Calm Within the Storm.

About the Survey

The Survey is professionally administered by Verita HR Services, with full confidentiality and anonymization of responses, in April/May 2021. The intent of the Thriving in Education Survey is to better understand the working environment, systems and cultures that have the greatest influence on member well-being. The Survey was based on 13 risk factors identified by the National Psychological Health and Safety Standards.


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