Brian Leonard

June 16, 2023 Message to Members

Some Island Time
It is a busy time in schools – an understatement, you say! – making it even more special to be welcomed into schools last week in Saanich, Victoria, and SookeRead more

Brian Leonard

June 9, 2023  Column

Advocacy in Five Minutes

Last week, I presented to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, an all-party legislative committee made up of MLAs from around the province. Read more

Brian Leonard

June 2, 2023 Message to Members

"So: Are Things Winding Down For You Now?”

How many times have you heard that phrase from parents, friends, and non-educators as the calendar turns to June, with your inner voice saying, “Do they not realize that I am crazy-busy?” Read more

Brian Leonard

May 26, 2023 Message to Members

A Timely Lesson Learned (Again) in the Maritimes

You never know who you will meet when you travel 6,066 km from home! I was pleased to connect with BCPVPA members from Prince George, Kelowna and the Okanagan, Kamloops, West Vancouver, and the Kootenays at the annual CAP (Canadian Association of Principals) Conference in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island last week. Read more

Brian Leonard

May 12, 2023 Message to Members

Travelin’ Man

I enjoy Chapter visits, and the opportunity to meet members in their second home: their school! While I am not able to visit all of the nearly 1,600 schools province-wide, I do get a good sense of the schools in any one district thanks to my connection with Chapter Presidents. Read more

Brian Leonard

May 5, 2023 Message to Members

Last week, I was lucky to attend the 25th Anniversary Celebration for Gleneagle Secondary in SD 43 (Coquitlam). I had a chance to meet up with many former teaching and administrative colleagues – some of whom have since retired – and current members who had a connection with the school. 

Brian Leonard

April 28, 2023 Message to Members

Visiting Chapters and meeting with members is the most gratifying part of my role as president. Your work as Principals and Vice-Principals is nothing short of heroic, and is regularly acknowledged by Minister Singh, ministry staff, and our sector partners. 

Read more

Brian Leonard

April 21, 2023 Message to Members

My ‘Triple C' Chapter Visit

I noted in a previous column that spring break is no longer a shared experience in our province. Typically, the president does not get an invitation for a Chapter visit in the busy week before a holiday; this year, while much of the province geared up for the break, others still had time ahead. What emerged was what I call the ‘Triple C’ Chapter visit: Courtney-Comox, and Campbell River. 

Brian Leonard

April 7, 2023 Message to Members

OPC Summit on Public Education

On April 3 and 4, I was in Toronto with Director of Member Support Services, Magdalena Kassis, at the OPC Summit on Public Education in Canada, hosted by our key national educational partner, the Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC). This event focused on key challenges and potential solutions related to education across Canada, and supporting students to be future-ready.

Brian Leonard

March 31, 2022 Message to Members

Spring Break is No Longer a Shared Experience!

This week I visited the BC Legislature, where we hosted a luncheon and shared about the work of BC school leaders with a number of MLAs and cabinet ministers. We asked government to think of the BCPVPA and our members when they are seeking input on provincial issues that are important to children and youth. 

Read more

Brian Leonard

March 10, 2023 Message to Members

On Thursday, March 2, I was in Victoria for our first formal in-person meeting with the the Honourable Rachna Singh, Minister of Education and Child Care, and Deputy Minister Christina Zacharuk. Both the Minister and her Deputy recognized the BCPVPA’s support for current Ministry initiatives, and expressed a desire to work closely with us to address issues that are a priority for the BCPVPA.

Brian Leonard

March 3, 2023 Message to Members

“March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”
I hope you took full advantage of the Family Day holiday to recharge your batteries for the sprint to spring break! This past week I’ve had the opportunity to represent the Association in a flurry of meetings, ranging from the SOGI Collaborative to partner meetings with BCPSEA and WorkSafe.

Brian Leonard

February 24, 2023 Message to Members

I hope you took full advantage of the Family Day holiday to recharge your batteries for the sprint to spring break! This past week I’ve had the opportunity to represent the Association in a flurry of meetings, ranging from the SOGI Collaborative to partner meetings with BCPSEA and WorkSafe. 

Brian Leonard

February 17, 2023 Message to Members

No Chapter visits to report in this edition of eNews! Instead, it was our members who were on the move, as the Association hosted several important gatherings in Vancouver... Read more

Brian Leonard

February 10, 2023 Message to Members 

Letting Student Voice Guide our Practice and Decision-Making
You have all passed the midpoint of this school year – congratulations!  Semester 2 is well underway, and for Grade 12 students, graduation is right around the corner. Read more

Brian Leonard

February 3, 2023 Message to Members 

Connecting with Members Near and Far
Last week was teeming with meetings – just like in schools, it is peak learning and meeting time! Despite this, I was happy to be able to schedule a Chapter visit. Read more

Brian Leonard

January 27, 2023 Message to Members

Brian Heads North: First to North Vancouver, then Farther North to the Cariboo! 
As a building Principal, I used to remind my staff that the period between the winter holiday and spring break is like the meat in the sandwich – a peak learning time! Read more

Brian Leonard

December 16, 2022 Message to Members

Happy Holidays

I hope you are reading this with your beverage of choice in hand, and your feet up!

You made it to the finish line after a very challenging fall season. Read more

Brian Leonard

December 9, 2022 Message to Members

A whole lot o’ learnin’ goin’ on! - The New Trustee Academy
A few months ago, I encouraged you to vote and “choose your ultimate boss” in the election for your local School Board. British Columbia has 412 School Trustees. This past October, the people of BC elected 158 new trustees... Read more

Brian Leonard

November 25, 2022 Message to Members

Parents as Partners: the BCCPAC Summit
I write my column this week as we busily prepare for the first Chapter Council meeting of the school year. And – just like in schools – we have been challenged by some illnesses and staff shortages in the BCPVPA office. Read more

Brian Leonard

November 18, 2022 Message to Members

The BCPVPA in Singapore with the International Confederation of Principals (ICP)

Well, I have almost recovered from the jet lag, but I am back and have hit the ground running! 

The BCPVPA joined ICP approximately 6 years ago, largely at the suggestion of members of the Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC), to make some strong professional connections with educational leaders from around the globe... Read more

Brian Leonard

October 28, 2022 Message to Members

BCPVPA Connecting Leaders 2022

Q. What happens when you bring 350+ school leaders together in one room?
A. Excitement, collaboration and inspiration – in short, leadership magic! ... Read more

Brian Leonard

October 21, 2022 Message to Members

Celebrating Excellence in Education!

I had the unique opportunity at this week’s Coffee Connections to hear about some of the wonderfully diverse professional educational experiences our colleagues are embarking on for this week’s Pro-D Day... Read more

Brian Leonard

October 14, 2022 Message to Members

Learning Russian - in Castlegar!
By far, what I have anticipated most as BCPVPA President is the chance to visit members in their schools and communities around the province. Many former presidents of our Association regard school visits and meeting members as the highlight of their time in office... Read more

Brian Leonard

October 7, 2022 Message to Members

Like many of you, as the page turned on the calendar, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What happened to September?”

However, the calendar might say October, but the summer-like weather is still with most of us throughout the province. I am fortunate to have enjoyed this beautiful fall weather... Read more

Brian Leonard

September 29, 2022 Message to Members

September 30 marks only the second National Day for Truth & Reconciliation, also known as Orange Shirt Day. As you know, this day recognizes the legacy of residential schools and honours the lost children and Survivors of residential schools... Read more

Brian Leonard

September 23, 2022 Message to Members

Good news! Thanks to last week’s rain, and the herculean efforts of the BC Wildfire Service, the residents of the community of Hudson’s Hope in SD60 (Peace River North) can return to their homes. The evacuation order has been lifted... Read more

Brian Leonard

September 16, 2022 Message to Members

As you complete the first full week of the school year, I hope you will take a moment to reflect on the myriad details of start-up that you have addressed and accomplished in such a short period of time... Read more

Brian Leonard

September 9, 2022 Message to Members

Setting the Stage for a New Year

With the first week of school almost over, take a moment on Friday to give a sigh of relief!

Staff and students have returned relaxed, refreshed, and excited to begin a new year. Am I being too much of a Pollyanna? I hope not... Read more

Brian Leonard

September 2, 2022 Message to Members

The start of a new school year is a time of excitement, enthusiasm, and anticipation – enjoy the euphoria! I know for many of you, the summer holiday may seem like a distant memory as you busily prepare your schools... Read more

Brian Leonard

August 26, 2022 Message to Members

Welcome Back!
As your new president, it is my sincere hope that you had a chance this past summer to get some well-earned rest, and took the opportunity to recharge your batteries... Read more


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