January 19, 2024

Greetings Colleagues,

As Principals and Vice-Principals, you frequently find yourselves in the role of a mentor, both to your staff and your students. The imperative to help someone get ahead is a powerful one for leaders, and the work you do to support the growth of others is appreciated.

The BCPVPA recognizes that teachers aspiring to leadership roles often need a helping hand – and sometimes a nudge in the right direction when they don’t see themselves as potential leaders! To support the work that you do in your schools to identify and nurture future leaders, we are pleased to again offer Explorations for Aspiring School Leaders in January and February to a cohort of 56 teachers. Special thanks go out to our members who are dedicating their time and experience both as facilitators and as presenters on these four Saturday mornings. In hosting this annual program, we are supporting the educator recruitment and retention goals of the province, and ensuring that we continue BC’s strong legacy of excellent school leadership in the years to come.

Your support and mentorship also extends to your students, not only as they pursue their K-12 learning, but as they set their sights beyond high school. Each year, the BCPVPA awards $1,000 scholarships to up to 20 students, and we have now opened the 2024 scholarship process. We encourage you to share this information with your staff and students – and remember that 10 of the scholarships are reserved for the children of BCPVPA members. If you have a child in grade 12 who will be proceeding to post-secondary education, consider applying.

Have a great weekend,



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