September 8, 2023 Message to Members

School is underway!

The first and most important step toward success is the feeling that we can succeed.
- Nelson Boswell

Greetings colleagues,

With the first week of school almost over, take a moment on Friday to breathe a sigh of relief! 

The wildfire situation remains a serious concern in parts of the province. On behalf of the BCPVPA, I would like to say thank you to our members within wildfire-affected areas for their dedication to supporting their staff, students, and the larger community, and to those members in unaffected areas who have reached out in support of their colleagues who are facing uncertainty. As the situation evolves, and impacts are evaluated, schools and school leaders emerge as the heart of each community. Thank you for your leadership.  

In other areas of the province, staff and students have returned relaxed, refreshed, and excited to begin a new year. It is my hope that you can harness that excitement, enthusiasm, and eager anticipation through the days and weeks ahead. As a student, I always looked forward to heading back-to-school, to that first day, meeting my new teacher, and reconnecting with school friends. I appreciated the return to routines and structure as a time for new beginnings, one that sets the stage for a new year with fresh possibilities.

This week, most of you are dealing with a myriad of start-up tasks – the September to-do list seems endless, particularly if you are in a new school, or are new to your role. While many of those tasks may seem mundane, they bring a welcome order, and often the crucial funding and resources required by your district, school, or community.

As you head into the first full week of school – and you wonder where the summer went! – know that your leadership, professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm are creating a vibrant school climate where students develop and thrive.

Have a great weekend,



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